CV Tips


Your CV is the usually the first point of contact an employer will have with you.

At Peak Performance Recruitment, we want to help enable you to sell yourself as effectively as possible to a potential employer. With that in mind, we have created some helpful tips for you to optimise your CV.


  • Use Microsoft Word format.
  • Consider tailoring your CV for each job you apply for. Read the job description and emphasise any relevant skills or experience you have that match the requirements
  • Include a personal summary - a concise, impactful, opening paragraph that instantly grabs the reader’s interest will help you stand out. One or two sentences at most.
  • Be sure to include details of relevant training, licences and qualifications
  • Highlight accomplishments
  • Include facts and figures, these speak loudest for sales people or people in charge of a budget. (Sales figures met. Growth in sales as a percentage or savings created through your work)
  • Keep your CV as shortened as possible. Approximately 2-3 pages.
  • Use clear spacing
  • Double check with spell and grammar check
  • Explain gaps (even if it states job hunting)


  • Avoid incorrect use of apostrophes and bad grammar.
  • Do not use PDF / Table formats, these are non-transferrable
  • Avoid common statements e.g. ‘I am very hard working/professional/work well in a team’ These are covered in many CVs but have no real context. Use statements like ‘Through team participation I delivered (give example)’ ‘I delivered professional presentations to potential customers/internal stakeholders when (give example)’. Examples are the best evidence of your behaviours.

Here are some helpful documents to assist you.

Attached we have: 

Sample CV to see the layout


Template CV to download and fill in yourself

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