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Peak Performance Recruitment aim to deliver a high level of service based on knowledge, networks and delivery. Our 100% focus on the Aircraft Leasing and Aviation Finance industry guarantees that we have an in depth knowledge and understanding of your business.

We are now often providing benchmarks for the industry and are seen as the go to company regarding industry trend information.

Our Unique Advantage

At Peak Performance Recruitment we know and understand that your industry stretches across many countries. Your ideal candidate or job may not be easily sourced through local or generalist multinational recruitment companies. Through our international reach we have the ability to search globally to match your needs. We can provide a shortlist of highly skilled employees to your organisation. We can provide candidates with high quality job opportunities in more than one geographical area.

Our Approach

At Peak Performance we consider ourselves more of a business partner than a service provider to many key clients by assisting companies in their strategic growth and providing more than just a recruitment service. When it comes to resourcing key talent for our clients we know their business and teams so well it is like we are part of their company.

At Peak Performance we believe that the best way to service your recruitment needs is by knowing you, your company and your industry. Only through this understanding and knowledge can we source the star executive that suits your organisation. Having a thorough understanding of your company and industry allows us to provide our candidates with insights and further information about you, your company and position. This information can be the difference between a candidate applying to your position or to your competitors. As a specialist recruiter in the aircraft leasing and finance industry you can be sure that the candidates we present and meet on a regular basis come with proven experience in your market.

Quality Service

As we are specialists in Aircraft and Engine Leasing, the candidates we have on our database and speak to on a regular basis are from your industry. With 10 years recruitment experience we know how to source and qualify the ideal candidate for you. At Peak Performance we pride ourselves on our client relationships. By developing a clear understanding of your company and its requirements we can better represent you and source individuals who will become an integral part of your organisation.

We commit to thoroughly interviewing all our candidates and obtaining a full profile on their background, personality and experience. This ensures we provide you with a short-list of only those candidates most suitable for the position.


Selected recent assignments that Peak Performance Recruitment have completed include:

  • Head of Marketing for a European Lessor
  • Head of Technical for an Asian Lessor 
  • VP Marketing Asia and USA
  • Head of Credit Risk
  • VP Technical Europe
  • Senior Legal Counsel 
  • Head of Powerplant – Publicly listed lessor
  • Head of Aircraft Finance for International Bank
  • Providing benchmark information on industry packages to a financial institution in the purchase of an aircraft lessor

Given the above experience we are confident that Peak Performance Recruitment has the ability to fulfil your current and future needs. At Peak Performance we take pleasure in keeping up to date with your industry through news articles and industry seminars. Look out for us at the next ISTAT or AirFinance conference.

For the Aircraft Leasing and Aviation Finance Industry Peak Performance Recruitment can be your ‘one stop shop' for all your staffing and job search needs. Call us for further information on how we can assist your business.

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